Monday, March 22, 2010

Olaf Breuning

Aaron Smith
Olaf Breuning Artist Statement
Olaf Breuning tests the limits of playfulness in art with his absurdist and almost surreal works. From the small interactive narrative at the beginning of his website he tests how far the viewer will allow the artists to take them. He is essentially testing the trust that the viewer has in the artist. His photographs move through playful fun imagery to somewhat shocking (although rough) photoshop jobs, such as fire 2008. He is not shy and almost determined to give the viewer some sense of how he made each image by showing props or backgrounds with the photograph. His inversion of reality forces the viewer to reassemble proper reality in their head thus forcing them to think through each motion of proper reality more thoroughly and therefore allowing more room for critique of proper reality.
Olaf Breuning unapologetically pulls you into his constructed world and sets forth his creations, creatures, and inhabitants. For the time you are viewing his work his reality becomes your reality and trying to directly associate his back to our proper reality would only confuse the issue. In the end complete trust in the artist is the only was to enter, survive, and exit his world.

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