Monday, March 29, 2010

Matthew Keable statement, by Matthew

Art should be made to assimilate communities. It should wrap around them like a rhizomorph, form like cancer, or profile like Dachau, and do so as a rebellion against those negative agencies that inform it. My project is to do just this - to piss off, confuse, decimate, invade, and above all, to get people to interact and laugh along with ridiculous, broken systems. The child who uses his imagination to turn his bike into an ice cream machine is in far better psychological condition than the logical adult who feels he can change the world.

this is getting there...i'm not sure 'interact and laugh along' is effective...which assumes your art is devoid of more interesting content.  what you do in your art is to lift viewers into an aerial view of the conformist, regulated, and  dysfunctional systems they create/participate in. 


  1. So, you see, okay...everyone's statements so far more or less seem to be coming from the same person. They feel cookie cutter-ish. Yet I see how that would operate as good PR.

    What I mean to ask is: do I sound like a psycho? Being that my work generally is off kilter, is that a bad thing for a statement to convey?

  2. Should statement or project writing produce an effect?