Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fascism, death, regret, unicorns, etc.

In a previous class, we had discussed Bea's project on the seductiveness of fascism (her approach was that the combination of art and politics is something dangerous). I disagreed - but after thinking about it, I only disagree to a point.

My impossible project idea (to name people that deserve to be killed, but also naming 1000 reasons as to why they should be allowed to live) touches on that as well.

This video ruins your day and accurately depicts that seductive quality of fascism.

Watching it, I'm left with the conclusion that only murder of murderers would end murder. I'm left wishing that this url were a pandora's link for an anti-red head movement, so that I can at long last have something to mount a glorious rebellion against. But...this is just how the video is programming me. I don't condone such activity. More importantly, to be responsible for the death of something living has got to be the most terrible thing.

Have any of you, when little, ever accidentally killed an animal? Most boys go through something like that; I myself remember my old pet gerbil. His name was Jack. He quivered like a ziplock bag filled to the brim with grape jello, when I brought that cage lid down on his spine.

What's done is done. Just remember: this sort of video is propaganda. Fucking effective, at that. At least there's unicorns and glitter.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Art School (propositions for the 21st century)

Jason recommends:
buy used, read, enjoy- use as fodder for deciding what to do when we are done with school.

Art School (propositions for the 21st century)
Steven Henry Madoff


All students must have a physical book for the final project, this can be:
A printed mock-up of the book
A fancy finished book
A hand made book

Consider using:
Adobe InDesign
Service Bureau

For students only making a single hand made object for their book:
scan all of the spreads and bring in digital copy for Jason to keep.

EVERYONE Must bring a second copy (either digital or printed) for Jason to keep!

Monday, April 19, 2010

expose yourself
Radio Lab
This American Life
National Geographic
New Yorker
The Week

Sunday, April 18, 2010

for tomorrow don't forget

read adrian piper pdf - it's on the portal...we will discuss it tomorrow!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Impossible art idea wisdom!!!@#$&&%#@#

1) think about presentation/delivery to the audience:

-handwritten, graphic, photography, painting, sculpture, performance, book, LCD screen projection, TWEET THAT SHIT, facebook (lame), blog (even lamer)

2) could address the question of what is impossible/possible/engaging audience? font choice (what is appropriate visually), language used, voice (aka style; informal, sarcastic, persuasive, earnest, emotional, sincere), 1st/2nd/3rd person

3) do these have a shared goal? (does it follow your own creative thought process), what makes the statement artful versus JUST impossible, what is the aim? (environmental, ethical, etc)

think about if the impossible idea was actually able to be executed

***what is the accumulative effect of your 10 ideas???


Tiger Woods, Nike commercial

Sunday, April 11, 2010

specs for Artist Presentations (April 26th)

Artist Presentation

15 minute audio/visual presentation on the artistic voice of an
artist of your choice…
not a report on their career, but an:
well-articulated deconstruction of their practice and its conceptual
summation of how professional critics read the work
fields of inquiry and resolution/non-resolution
visual language/vocabulary,

…please be well prepared to deliver a professional presentation…practice in advance!

Speaking in front of an audience, whether one curator or an auditorium of 200, is an essential skill for a contemporary audience. Look at this assignment as an opportunity to improve your public-speaking skills. Think about pace (not too fast as often happens with nervousness), speak clearly, do not read verbatim from notes, talk to us in a formal yet relaxed style….

The class will evaluate your presentation by rating of your presentation in the following categories (forms will be provided to everyone in the class for each speaker):

• Clarity of speaking/presentation style
• Effective use of A/V materials
• The content of the presentation (an original, researched, opinionated presentation on the ‘artistic voice’ of the chosen artist)
• Evidence of critical thinking

Lets build your skill set and have dynamic presentations/discussions on these artists!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Street Art

I love this!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Artist Statement for myself

A reminder of past work:
Kim Kardashian Superbowl piece, The adult superstore text pieces, the TTV piece, documenting my route out of the city (at my father's request), composites of appropriated 50's housewives with imagery portraying the role of women today(a re-do), piece about Walgreens decision to remove the Obama Chia pet from shelves, archiving my grandmothers dresses.

I am interested in the fear of losing the past. A loss of created by mass media, and the seemingly "dumbed-down" pop-culture references that are often presented to us. I examine the public versus private, the appropriate versus unsuitable as well as their effect on today's society. Through documentation of the mass produced billboards for adult superstores along the I-94 corridor from Michigan into Chicago or the announcement of a possible engagement to Kim Kardashian by Reggie Bush before the 2010 Superbowl, I am interested in presenting these ideas alongside thoughts and feelings of an older, smaller way of living. By using a contemporary digital SLR and photographing through an old twin lens camera given to me by my grandmother I present the viewer with a new way of viewing an old system. A nostalgic way of breathing new life into the past.

Julius von Bismarck

random text art creator

this is the page on my website for the random text art creator program.

the download link is on the page.

Versions Oliver Larc

This video is really cool.
you guys should check it out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Re-Posts of Personal and Brandy Fischer's artist Statement

Artist Statement for Brandy Fischer

Brandy Fischer’s work gleans the remnants of human interactions. Intimate moments, awkward confrontations, and human fears are her starting points. From there she deconstructs these moments to find their hidden complexities. Human connection is essential to Fischer's work, whether through the context of personal involvement by the artists or the artist observing some interaction that she deems necessary of exploration. Her work fluctuates between sentimental and objective, with the sense that her systematic processing of these moment is fused with the understanding that she is dealing with such fragile content as human emotion.

Personal Artist Statement: Aaron Smith

Collect to create, create to deconstruct. By reasoning of the scientific process an adequate and substantial conclusion can be reached only when adequate and substantial study has been made on a subject. Look at the same image or group of images to the line between boredom and obsession and you will see past the spectacle that is the image. Read the same passage past the point of memorization and maybe the real meaning will finally show itself. My is to then streamline the process of reaching the sub-spectacle content and displaying in simple (even mundane) terms the deconstruction of that content.