Tuesday, March 30, 2010

neda's artist statement (by neda)

This series exists in a state of transit. Searching for a steady path of conscience, it serves as an exploratory exercise, which may determine where creative impulse is strongest. While it hesitates to commit to an overall theme, it attempts to address some related ideas.
In this body of work, appropriation is a reoccurring means to a meta-narrative which speaks of history in terms of first hand experience.
Other reoccurring qualities include autonomy, physical encounters, installations, universality and escapism.
Still, these qualities are ill defined in the work and the collection hovers at the intersection of potential paths waiting to be embarked upon.

neda, this statement is confusing.  please rewrite for next week.  
for starters, how about this change:
Appropriation is a reoccurring means to address the meta-narrative in terms of first hand experience.  I appreciate the attempt at reoccurring qualities, work on this list.  also rename, maybe as artistic strategies?  autonomy and installations should not be in the same list....keep going!

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