Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Olaf Breuning Statement by Neda

A seeming disarray of subjects, actors, places and mediums, Olaf Breuning’s work would come off as sporadic and unorganized, if not for the consistent language they speak in and the message they carry.

It asks the big questions, ones that every human being, by nature, indefinitely asks of the world. In this way his work is a mark for human kind, something we can all relate to.

It lives outside of the pretentious cage of the art scene, speaking to civilization in all of its mass consumerism and technological innovation.

In an age where machines are inescapable and technology has relieved us of human error, Breuning celebrates our imperfections, while recognizing the necessity of technological tools in our mass society. Celebrating human and machine imperfections, and using them as a means of art making, his work has the ability to give us a little comfort and tenderness in our existence

His work directly interacts with the materials and relics of our culture, hovering between reality and fantasy.

The raw imperfections purposefully exposed in his work parallel the nature of life. Olaf Breuning doesn’t look for formal appraisal from the art world. His intention is simple like his work. In a world abundant in cultural distractions, we are reminded of our most basic and essential quality, that we are all human beings.

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