Monday, March 29, 2010

aaron smith artist statements

Personal Artist Statement
I think of my work as an investigation. I don't understand something or come across a piece of information I know little about and I use my work to learn more. My method of working is to deconstruct a situation and replay it in an almost mundane nature. To view through the spectacle and reveal the foundational ideals of a situation. To break down molecules to their atoms is an analogy I would use. I then take those basic elements and recreate the subject with my intentions. I want my work to be embodied by the content that I am concerned with. If my content is chaos then my work should be chaotic. If the subject is mundane then the work must maintain elements of the ordinary and bland.

your personal statement needs a lot of work...the writing is awkward and missing grammar and words (i think you need 'when' at the beginning of your 2nd sentence for starters).  rewrite with some help from a friend and lets revisit this next week 

Artist Statement for Brandy Fischer
Brandy Fsicher’s work gleans the remnants of human interactions. Intimate moments, awkward confrontations, and human fears are her starting points. From there she deconstructs these moments to find their hidden complexities. There is a continual sense that something intimate has occurred from nostalgic fondness of an old friend to subjects far more sinister. Brandy studies these happenings and breaks them down into categories and groupings that contribute an objective but sensitive tone to her body of work.

rework and expand the red

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