Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Harvey's Artist Statement (by Neda)

This art exists as a means of social experimentation and reaction, and a way to understand the fabrics of a postmillennial generation surrounded by machines. Appropriately expressed through computer software programs and electronics, Harvey Smith’s work stimulates a dialogue between machine transmitter and human receiver. The dialogue is consistently triggered by an unsuspected twist, which serves to interrupt our daily routine, and provokes new thoughts and questions about how we interact with the every day tools we often take for granted, and with each other.

not bad...drop social experimentation and reaction and go straight into the rest of the sentence.  Fabrics may work better as fabric singular.  I think it's important to mention harvey is writing the code himself, or hacking/manipulating existing code...and that this is a place of 'art-making'.  Unsuspected twist overly simplifies the work...rework this phrase

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