Monday, March 29, 2010

Billy's artist statement.

I asked Billy if he could describe his work in one word, his immediate response was: sentimental.
Though very diverse, and mostly applying photography as his tool, Billy Buck’s work is indeed prompted from deep inside. His work ranges from funny, sweet, tender to angry passive and aggressive. He evidently relies on his gut and emotions to come up with his ideas.
Attached to his childhood house, and trying to bid his farewell and move on, “I did this 4 u” was a way for him to let go of his nostalgia and greet subtly, but effectively the new owners of his house. He made sure though not to flaunt it, instead putting it somewhere discreet, hoping one day, maybe, they will find it.
He works with things that he finds, things that find him or things he has collected over the years. He appropriated passive aggressive notes, and studied the relationship between human beings, and how sarcasm is a way of communicating, just by writing them on a white piece of paper, and using his handwriting, he managed to get his message through.
Using text messages he’s kept from his parents, he delicately marked photo paper and made their words permanent using is a slow meditative process.
Billy’s work is sprung from what he has lived or witnessed, he is an observer studying himself and other human beings and coming up with work that always manages to touch you.

Using a variety of media with a focus on photography, Billy Buck’s work is prompted from biographical narratives of exchange. Mining the residue(s) of emotional and physical transactions, Billy manifests questions of intention, identity, progress, and loss...

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  1. Using a variety of media with a focus on photography,Billy's mines personal and public conversations and materials to investigate notions of identity, intention, and loss