Sunday, April 11, 2010

specs for Artist Presentations (April 26th)

Artist Presentation

15 minute audio/visual presentation on the artistic voice of an
artist of your choice…
not a report on their career, but an:
well-articulated deconstruction of their practice and its conceptual
summation of how professional critics read the work
fields of inquiry and resolution/non-resolution
visual language/vocabulary,

…please be well prepared to deliver a professional presentation…practice in advance!

Speaking in front of an audience, whether one curator or an auditorium of 200, is an essential skill for a contemporary audience. Look at this assignment as an opportunity to improve your public-speaking skills. Think about pace (not too fast as often happens with nervousness), speak clearly, do not read verbatim from notes, talk to us in a formal yet relaxed style….

The class will evaluate your presentation by rating of your presentation in the following categories (forms will be provided to everyone in the class for each speaker):

• Clarity of speaking/presentation style
• Effective use of A/V materials
• The content of the presentation (an original, researched, opinionated presentation on the ‘artistic voice’ of the chosen artist)
• Evidence of critical thinking

Lets build your skill set and have dynamic presentations/discussions on these artists!

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