Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fascism, death, regret, unicorns, etc.

In a previous class, we had discussed Bea's project on the seductiveness of fascism (her approach was that the combination of art and politics is something dangerous). I disagreed - but after thinking about it, I only disagree to a point.

My impossible project idea (to name people that deserve to be killed, but also naming 1000 reasons as to why they should be allowed to live) touches on that as well.

This video ruins your day and accurately depicts that seductive quality of fascism.

Watching it, I'm left with the conclusion that only murder of murderers would end murder. I'm left wishing that this url were a pandora's link for an anti-red head movement, so that I can at long last have something to mount a glorious rebellion against. But...this is just how the video is programming me. I don't condone such activity. More importantly, to be responsible for the death of something living has got to be the most terrible thing.

Have any of you, when little, ever accidentally killed an animal? Most boys go through something like that; I myself remember my old pet gerbil. His name was Jack. He quivered like a ziplock bag filled to the brim with grape jello, when I brought that cage lid down on his spine.

What's done is done. Just remember: this sort of video is propaganda. Fucking effective, at that. At least there's unicorns and glitter.

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