Sunday, April 4, 2010

Re-Posts of Personal and Brandy Fischer's artist Statement

Artist Statement for Brandy Fischer

Brandy Fischer’s work gleans the remnants of human interactions. Intimate moments, awkward confrontations, and human fears are her starting points. From there she deconstructs these moments to find their hidden complexities. Human connection is essential to Fischer's work, whether through the context of personal involvement by the artists or the artist observing some interaction that she deems necessary of exploration. Her work fluctuates between sentimental and objective, with the sense that her systematic processing of these moment is fused with the understanding that she is dealing with such fragile content as human emotion.

Personal Artist Statement: Aaron Smith

Collect to create, create to deconstruct. By reasoning of the scientific process an adequate and substantial conclusion can be reached only when adequate and substantial study has been made on a subject. Look at the same image or group of images to the line between boredom and obsession and you will see past the spectacle that is the image. Read the same passage past the point of memorization and maybe the real meaning will finally show itself. My is to then streamline the process of reaching the sub-spectacle content and displaying in simple (even mundane) terms the deconstruction of that content.

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  1. Aaron, we decided to write you an updated artist statement as a class:

    "Informed by the scientific method, Aaron's artistic practice systematically investigates the relationship between the consumer and semiotics of media, advertising, and institutional language. After strategically stripping down these language systems, the result reveals..."