Monday, February 8, 2010


anyone who didn't get to critique today, please send your text pieces to

please email your amanda ross-ho papers to me by friday at noon...selections will be posted to the blog.


i really enjoyed the beginning of our critique process today...i want to reiterate a few things:

1.  be ready to talk about your work...these crits should be efficient and dense in terms of exchange of ideas!!!  we don't have time to 'poke around for meaning'...take responsibility for your work/strategy, milk us in the class for feedback!

2.  remember, you are encouraged to revisit any assignment before including it in the final documentation of your work for the final book

3.  don't take for granted any assignment...all of these develop critical thinking skills, push your awareness of artistic strategies, plant seeds for future harvesting...everything will ADD TO YOUR PRACTICE!

4.  keep up your stamina and attitude, don't let an assignment that seems unproductive get you down.  you learn the most when you miss the mark....happens to me constantly!

peace in the middle-east!  (now more than ever)

superbowl!  a contemporary american spectacle rife with material for artists...what does the 2010 superbowl spectacle reveal about us?  there are simple and really complicated answers to this question...

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