Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bruce Nauman

Run From Fear, Fun From Rear (1972) is a neon text piece by artist Bruce Nauman. Run From Fear expresses the manipulative quality in language and communication which Nauman is fascinated by and I am most interested in. The popularity of the piece grew most during the aids epidemic in the early 80's. I once heard an interesting fact about Nauman's neon pieces – I guess his neon works are never sold(?)...and after all of his shows, the neon pieces are all destroyed(?). Crazy.

1 comment:

  1. interesting that he destroys them--that's an intense artistic act in itself...would be interesting to learn more about that specific aspect. the piece above is pretty sexy in terms of using allied colors that blend into each other creating a bit of a dynamic gradient between the phrases. also, the smaller and angled 'from' is a pretty interesting font strategy...reminds me of something...novelty/playful/come hither feel...