Saturday, February 6, 2010

Judd Morrissey - The Jew's Daughter

Judd Morrissey teaches at SAIC in the Art & Tech department and refers to his work as "electronic literature / data poetics / performance and installation" which is pretty awesome in itself (re: data poetics).

The project I am linking, The Jew's Daughter, is described by Morrissey as "an interactive, non-linear, multi-valent narrative, a storyspace that is unstable but nonetheless remains organically intact, progressively weaving itself together by way of subtle transformations on a single virtual page."

I think it's awesome for a couple reasons: The meaning of the text changes. It is constantly rearranging its own narrative so that you are reading and rereading everything and as a consequence are forced to reconsider your own interpretations of it. It plays with the idea that a phrase can be poetic, beautiful and meaningful and still completely applicable to a whole range of different subjects. You'll understand what I mean when you go to the site and start reconfiguring.

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