Thursday, December 31, 2009

Artist to film cliff home demise - from the BBC

Artist to film cliff home demise

Kane Cunningham
Mr Cunningham said the house could fall at any moment
A landscape artist has bought a house teetering on a cliff edge so he can document its demise.
Three properties have already had to be demolished on safety grounds because of a landslip at Knipe Point, overlooking Cayton Bay near Scarborough.
Kane Cunningham has paid £3,000 for the next bungalow set to fall over the cliff and will film its end.
He said the house symbolised "lost dreams, financial disaster and threatening sea levels".
The house was sold to Mr Cunningham by Tony Charlesworth, who has moved into another bungalow nearby.
Last sunrise
Mr Charlesworth, 76, said: "I was resigned to going. [The landslip] happened in April 2008 and little bits have been falling off ever since.
"I was quite happy for him to have it. I know it sounds silly, you pay £150,000 for a bungalow and sell it for £3,000 but it's just the way things have happened.
"He's a very enterprising chap, I hope it works out for him."
The doomed bungalow
The bungalow was worth £150,000 two years ago
Mr Cunningham, 48, lives in Scarborough and is a lecturer in fine art.
He said: "I'm going to rig the house with cameras and film the last sunrise before nature claims its bounty.
"It's the perfect site-specific installation - a stark reminder of lost dreams, financial disaster and threatening sea levels.
"It's global recession and global warming encapsulated.
"This little house is feet away from the edge of the cliff - it can go at any moment."
Mr Cunningham is using the house as a studio until it collapses so he can paint the views over Cayton Bay.

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